Name: Reinhold Becker

Nationality: German

Born: 1951, in Homberg/Ohm, Germany

Office address:
Landgericht Köln

Telephone: private: 02202/ 245433, office: 0221/ 4772851
Telefax: 02202/ 245435

Present position:
Presiding judge at the Cologne State Court since 2000 (also Chairman of the Chamber for Construction Site Cases)

Studied law from 1972 to 1977 in Marburg and Cologne;
Traineeship from 1977 to 1980 in Cologne;
Judge in Cologne since 1980;

Areas of specialisation:
Judge in the chambers of the Cologne State Court for some 20 years, mainly concerned with construction cases; since 1995 member of the Treasury Chamber of the Cologne State Court, which deals with construction cases affecting public funding.

Arbitral experience: none

Membership in professional bodies:
Since 2003 Member of the Court of Arbitration for Private Construction Law Germany

-1993 - 1995: Commentary on Paragraphs 253 - 510 b ZPO for the magazine and CD-Rom "Deutsche Rechtsprechung“ published by Verlag Recht und Praxis
- since 1996: Author and editor for the commentary on the entire private construction law published by Verlag Recht und Praxis (published as a collection of individual documents)
- since 1992: overview of verdicts on private construction law cases and the ZPO for the publication "Deutsche Rechtsprechung“
- 1995: "Aktuelle Probleme des Selbständigen Beweisverfahrens" (§§ 485 ff. ZPO) Recht und Praxis Digital - 10/95 - published by Verlag Recht und Praxis

Languages: German, English